Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Draft needs to get here before we are all lying on the floor with bags over our heads

Whats the matter Portland, the Steve Nash idea wasn't ridiculous enough?

Two more baffling potential personnel directions quickly dethroned Nash from his rumor dominance, evidence that the draft can't arrive soon enough.

Three people approached me to start conversations about Portland moving up to nab Stephon Curry yesterday. One family member. One co-worker. One friend. There is no shelter. Curry is interesting, but the Portland excitement over him makes me more curious than anything else. What happened to all that talk about how the Blazers are in such dire need of an above average point guard defender? Curry has impressive offensive skills, but I'm wondering how you think he would look during the other half of the game.

If that weren't enough, I was floored by the amount of local-media coverage devoted to Tyler Hansbrough's (MIMI!) workout with the Blazers. I heard it on talk radio when I drove to get my $5 footlong for lunch. The same station was still talking about it five hours later during my commute home. After that I made it a point to avoid Blazer blogs and local-news sports segments for the rest of the evening. This doesn't approach the amazingly misguided Draft the Stache campaign, but it is similar enough to trigger some flashbacks. It appears Portland fans are determined to make an annual event of this draft-a-white-guy-college-star-who-has-game-that-probably-won't-translate-to-the-League-thing.

One more rumor of this kind and I'm withdrawing to the fortress of solitutude to play Punchout on the Wii until the actual draft begins. And yes I have been looking for an excuse to do that anyways.

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