Thursday, June 25, 2009

Peace to Sergio Rodriguez

I know you want to read about some of the more exciting draft developments. Trust that the interwebs have them covered.

DeceptivelyQuick owes at least one entry to the Sergio Rodriguez Trailblazer journey. (Rodriguez and the #38 pick to Sacramento for the #31 pick.) We should probably let it hang through the weekend. Such an anti-climatic end seems unsatisfying after such a dramatically up and down tenure. How quickly we will all forget that at one point the entire city (minus one Nate McMillan) was convinced that Sergio was not only the solution at point guard, but possibly even an NBA All-Star as well.

It came a bit out of nowhere in the 2006-07 season. In spite of limited minutes and some glaring weaknesses in his game, Sergio cast a spell on Portland. This seriously happened: local media were comparing his potential to that of Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, and Tony Parker. Nate McMillan was not amused.

The Blazers decided to give Sergio the reigns to the summer league team. It did not go well. Although nearly two years would pass between that experience and his trade, it seems like Rodriguez's expendibility was determined that summer. Everything that followed was like a slow walk down a long dark stair case for Rodriguez. His role with the team was reduced even further. He got left off the Spanish National team. He got mistaken for a golfer. It was no surprise when Sergio started grumbling for a trade.

So it has ended for Sergio in Portland. All that hype, pressure, and disappointment just to see him shipped to Sacramento for a second round pick. We wish nothing but the best for Spanish Chocolate in his new situation; bountiful playing time and and opportunity to salvage his potential.


Rodman said...

Sergio tenia ganas de poder jugar más minutos. Espero que en Sacramento tenga más suerte.

Puedes escuchar una entrevista que le hicieron la semana pasada en este enlace

Esta en español.

Otro español para los Blazers, Victor Claver.

Un saludo,

Ryan said...

I'm not really high on Sergio, but I did think he was worth more than moving up seven spot in the second round of a crappy draft.

JackBrown said...

Yeah, when you trade one Spaniard it is a good idea to pick up another. Keeps the universe in alignment. Rodman, we're going to need some information for the Claver Watch!

Rodman said...

Victor Claver go to spanish national team for Eurobasket Poland 2009 (september 2009)

Rodman said...

Victor Claver Eurobasket Poland 2009

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