Friday, June 12, 2009

NBA Finals Haiku

Welcome to the 2009 NBA Finals DeceptivelyQuick Weekend Def Haiku Poetry Jam.

Hedo Turkoglu:
Pastrami sandwich,
Come to life! Big: the new fast.
Your style is your self.

Trevor Ariza:
Autism as game
Portland forgives for Rudy

Stan Van Gundy:
Did you ever think,
You would be the lead story?
Close out on shooters.

Pau Gasol:
You were said to be
Overwhelmed by Superman
Check the stats, people

Kobe Bryant:
To be the greatest
Black Mamba wins sans-O'Neal
Wakes up empty, still

Andrew Bynum:
We want to know you.
Tell us, where have you gone to?
Were you ever here?

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