Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why I'm sad Cleveland lost: Less Delonte West in my life

I mean watching LeBron is nice and all. But Delonte, he belongs on the short-list of my favorite NBA personalities. It's bad enough I have to make due with less of him around since Cleveland flamed out, but now even the Onion is cracking on the man. The level of entertainment Delonte West has provided us just by being Delonte West is far too underappreciated. Here are some of my favorites:

I don't care if you got to FLY ... Trains, planes, and automobiles. You better have my DO-NUTS.

This comes second nature man. I've been getting G'd up since I came out the hospital as a baby. I ain't with pampers I wore some slacks and some gators on the way home.

I'm a player, Greg. And I just play with whatever they put. We gonna play with a sock we gonna play with a sock.

You never felt that before. That is real-live Tasmanian Devil.

Of course the classic Wire Hanger:

And just for you readers out there, Mr. West's legendary ESPN Valentine's Day article. I miss him already.

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