Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Turkoglu to Portland, Rudy kind of a dick maybe

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It certainly has been fun watching the Blazers circling Hedo Turkoglu. I'm sure you've heard that things have gotten serious, with Nate flying to Orlando for a dinner date with Hedo. Turkoglu is scheduled to be in Portland for a visit on Thursday.

Basketball wise, Portland has reason to covet Hedo's services. He can handle the ball, make plays, and shoot, all of which will help take pressure of Brandon Roy. Even better, he can do all of these things in the half-court. No longer would we have to watch opponents stymie Portland's offense by trapping Roy up top. And it doesn't hurt that Hedo played so well against the Lakers in the finals.

But Portland signing Hedo will likely depend on the Turkish Michael Jordan passing up on more money that other teams are likely to offer. Toronto is rumored to be working on an offer that Portland probably can't match. Turkoglu will have to want a chance to win more than he wants money.

It seems like some fans are getting all worked up over Rudy Fernandez possibly saying some things about being unhappy with his situation in Portland. Rumors of Rudy's grumblings have been moving down the grapevine since the end of the season, so in spite of what Fernandez will say publicly I'm inclined to believe there is some truth to them. My reaction? So what. Rudy has seemed like he was sort of a dick for a while. Rudy is in a situation where he can be an impact player for many years on a potentially great NBA team. If he doesn't want to appreciate this, let him go. He says he would rather play in Europe than Portland? Fine. He can have all the fun playing in front of crowds of 5,000, against inferior competition, and further out of the global spotlight as he wants.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly!

Suck it up, Rudy. This is a business. If you want more PT, then earn it. No more ugly-ass step-back turn-around jumpers that barely hit the rim. That's not "creating your own shot." That's wasting a possession. You're still young, and it won't hurt you to learn a few things from a Vet.

JackBrown said...

And we may have even more to think about soon. It feels like there could be a Peace to Steve Blake entry coming.

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