Sunday, July 19, 2009

Because you've just been dying to know what Bonzi Wells is up to

I noticed a Bonzi Wells article popped up on HoopsHype and thought I would share. The article comes from his hometown paper and is one of the few things I've read about Bonzi lately that actually portrays him in a slightly positive way. After getting bounced from his Chinese team, Bonzi is back at home just bein' his celebrity self (complete with authentic celebrity shades) and helping with the kids:
Wells stays in game shape by training at his home, and he said a return to professional basketball remains a viable option if presented the right offer. He still lives the NBA lifestyle to an extent. He drove to the Macker in a 2006 Bentley, and his fiancée wore a diamond on her ring finger that nearly matched the Bentley in size.

But for now, Wells prefers to live the moment in Muncie and focus on coaching his relatives to basketball stardom.
Ha. As long as by "if presented by the right offer" they mean "an offer" I can see that being true. Does Muncie, Indiana have an IBL team?

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