Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stephon Marbury is taking over my life

Very quickly the planet is discovering Stephon Marbury's prolific live web stream. I'm hooked. Seriously, I've started to choose Starbury over sleep. Watching this man say crazy things live is better than 90% of what is on TV. He just gave out his phone number.

Starbury update: As I write this he is talking about how he isn't racist because he has "whites, blacks, (very long pause) Phillipines, Asians, and (long pause) Ninjas. Where are ninjas from? I forget where ninjas are from."

You can read all the transcripts, but the essence of Marbury is truly untranscriptable.

Starbury update: "I got nursery rhymes. What you gonna say now?"

At this point I'm really hoping that the Marbury live experience doesn't become part of some truly sad story.

Starbury update: "They know who the real hero is. And I'm not talking about the sandwhich that we eat."

Guess I'll stay tuned.

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