Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Uninteresting Truth

Back when DeceptivelyQuick started, I chose a generic sounding pseudonym from a Johnny Cash song that I happened to have just listened to. My motives were to save myself the embarrassment of explaining my internet geek tendencies to people that knew me in other roles in life. Just the thought of a conversation on why I titled my blog Deceptively Quick with a random co-worker was terrifying.

The decision had nothing to do with wanting to escape accountability of the things I wrote, at least not in the direct sense. Almost everything that shows up here is pretty harmless and goofy. I was never trying to be the anonymous blogger lobbing fire bombs at people.

The anonymity thing has been steadily losing appeal to me since that first choice. No matter how inane and innocuous things stay around here I realize that it feels "more right" to at least be up front about who I am. If Channing Frye gets terribly upset when I say he looks like Nick Cannon he should have the right to at least know my name. Plus its awkward to use a fake name in real-life situations that I'm in because of DeceptivelyQuick.

So from now on I'll be writing as me. Don't be alarmed, this will have no impact on the quantity of Finnish basketball commercials. (Ut-Oh! Cliffhanger!)


goonerluke said...

damn, this is a DQ bombshell. i always thought the pseudonym thing was a little weird. i commend your step out of the closest, seth. one small step for man, one giant leap for DQ.

keep up the good work. this is a great blog.

kellex said...



Seth Johnston said...

If you're going to use a fake name you should at least be getting your money's worth. We'll see how this goes.

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