Friday, July 24, 2009

Portland signs Andre Miller

Further evidence that Kevin Pritchard hates DeceptivelyQuick, just one day after I put up this post he goes and signs a new starting point guard.

With respect to the thoughts that may be circulating through the minds' of Steve Blake and Jerryd Bayless, initial reactions to Portland's "Plan C" seem pretty positive. I imagine some of us are just happy that after starting the summer 0-2 the Blazers finally nabbed a targeted free agent.

It feels like a solid move. The addition of Andre Miller means that Portland will always have an additional ball handler to help keep pressure off of Roy. Severing the head of the offense by doubling Everything (Roy) up top will be much more of a gamble now.

This move means more of a traditionally defined offense this season. It will still be the Brandon Roy show when it matters, but expect a more equal opportunity offense overall. This is a probably a good thing for everyone.

I know Miller isn't as good of a 3 point shooter as Blake. Don't worry about it. Miller is on a different level than Blake when it comes to creating for himself and others. He is much more of an offensive threat and consequently demands much more attention from defenses. Plus, and I want the vocal minority that have already started lamenting this move as a result of the 3 point/Blake issue, Steve Blake is still on this team. His services have not been lost. He has just become one of the best back up points in the League and is still an excellent fit. Think of him as a mini-Przybilla. (Although if you're like me you can only think of him as I, Robot.)

The age concern has the most face validity. Its hard to see how a 33 year old meshes in with the timeline of this roster. Don't worry about any of this, either. Miller's production has yet to drop off and Portland only has to keep him for two seasons (team option for a third). This move makes the Blazers young crew even more competitive and, dare I say, something of a dangerously legit playoff team. When Miller's contract is up the team can either hand the reigns off to some point guard they've developed (I actually laughed as I typed that) or bring the right player in and keep the party going.

Now, drink and be Merry.

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