Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Taurean Green Watch: Yes, I'm still doing this edition

The last Taurean Green update wasn't so happy, what with our man getting the boot from his Euro team maybe. So I was excited he would have an opportunity to bounce back on Chicago's summer team. Its hard not to root for a tough undersized player that has yet to get an honest NBA opportunity in spite of meeting every challenge.

Even our bias couldn't put a positive spin on Green's first outing of the summer, which amounted to 11 minutes of nothing according to the box score. I didn't watch that game, but this was not the bludgeon-every-challenge-to-death response Green gained his DeceptivelyQuick popularity for. Just a bad night? Playing out of position? Just not enough minutes for an impact?

I decided to search for answers by following along with David Thorpe's twitter on Green's next outing. He got one blurb, and we could have a problem:

david b. thorpe: Taurean Green is an NBA player, in my mind. But I'm not sure he thinks so. He's lost some swagger.
Impossible! Taurean Green without swagger is like the ocean without water. But ... Did his Euro experience diminish that game-personality we love so much? Or does he simply need quality minutes? Green finished the second game with respectable production in his 20 minutes, although that type of production probably isn't enough to earn an NBA roster spot.

We can't take chances. I will not be forced to follow this man overseas once again. I have the solution. If you know Green, please show him the below inspirational videos:

And if more is needed, click here in case of emergency.

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