Friday, July 17, 2009

Blazers vs Nuggets Incomplete Summer League Reactions

Deceptively quick reactions to the Blazers vs Nuggets Summer League Game...

  • Jerryd Bayless is probably the best NBA talent on the team. (I throw "probably" in there to show proper respect to Dante Cunningham.) He is the second best point-guard. I'd be in favor of Portland signing Pooh Jeter as the third point just for the possibility that Bayless could soak up some of his game. Jeter is intelligent, athletic, skilled, and most importantly an excellent pick and roll pointguard. I know he's short, but the guy is like a hyper animated brick out there making the right play time and time again. Bayless could learn a lot from him.
  • Speaking of Bayless, he has shown some development since last summer. His MVP summer league run of a season ago showcased his ability to get to the rim, finish, and draw fouls. This year he isn't scoring as much but his points seem to be coming with more diversity. His medium-range game was on display tonight as he hit a variety of stop-and-pops off the bounce and the catch in and out of traffic. Unfortunately for Blazer needs, there is still no 3 ball in sight. The Bayless that plays more like a traditionally defined point guard has yet to show more than occasional flashes. As with last summer, we are convinced that Bayless is an NBA player but unsure of his fit with the team. That reminds me, sign Pooh Jeter.
  • Portland played some zone tonight, which seems like a very anti-Summer League thing to do. I thought it was awesome. I vote for a full-court zone press next time just to freak people out.

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