Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On Channing Frye

Channing Frye loves the city of Portland, and the city loves him right back. Whats not to like? He blogs, he has a great sense of humor, and he can play basketball. For these reasons it is sad to think of a Blazer team without Frye. So far this season it has looked like the Blazers don't have much of a role available for Channing, and conversations that the team needs qualities he can't provide are becoming more frequent.

On the season Frye is currently averaging career lows in minutes, FG%, FT%, rebounds, and points. At a time when many say Portland could use a big inside-oriented power forward off the bench, Frye brings almost perfectly bizzaro skills. Don't take my word for it, check his shot selection- yes, that is a 17 next to the percentage of his shots taken from inside.

While he isn't getting much opportunity in Portland, the League is certainly aware that Frye can play. The Blazers could trade him, but they don't need to. They can choose not to extend him a qualifying offer after the season and he will be gone.

Also not exactly doing Channing-as-a-Blazer any favors is the impressive season 21 year old Portland draftee Joel Freeland is putting together over in Spain. Freeland's contract with his ACB club is up after this season, meaning he could be available should Portland want to bring him over next year.

Today on 1080 The Fan Frye answered questions on whether or not he would welcome a trade (full audio), and he didn't sound totally opposed to the idea of going to a new place if there was a larger role waiting for him.

It is unfortunate, but at this moment everyone seems to be seeing the writing on the wall. While he may remain with the Blazers past the trade deadline, it is unlikely that we will see the Buffet of Goodness wearing pinwheels next season. It would make sense from a basketball standpoint, but you have to be a little sad to see the only Blazer to ever appreciate KPW leave.

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