Thursday, December 11, 2008

Scoring Consistency Observation #1: Brandon Roy at elite level

This post is referencing the scoring consistency stat derived from this post. An in depth explanation of the stat is available here.

One reason I calculated the consistency scoring stat (PPGcr) is because there is so much a simple PPG average doesn't tell us about how a player scores. For one, it doesn't explain how consistently that player scores their PPG. The consistency stat can shed some light on that.

A great example of this is Brandon Roy. Through 12/10 he is averaging 20.8 PPG. Last season he averaged 19.1. By looking soley at PPG one would correctly conclude that his scoring has increased modestly.

But there is more to this story. This season, Roy is scoring his points in a much more consistent way than in December of last season. Last December Roy's PPGcr was 2.72. This lead the Blazers but was significantly lower than elite players like Kobe and LeBron, who were at 3.83 and 3.29 respectively.

This season that has changed. Brandon Roy's consistently is now at a similar level to elite players in the league. Look how he stacks up:

Brandon Roy: PPGcr = 3.83

Wade: PPGcr = 3.47
Joe Johnson: PPGcr = 3.14
Kobe: PPGcr = 4.30

Side note: Although I haven't computed PPGcr for the whole league, the trend seems to be that a very good PPGcr is above 3.0. Look at Kobe's mark again. Mamba is the God of consistent scoring.

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