Friday, December 26, 2008

Joel Freeland injury

It makes sense that we have been following Joel Freeland's every move. The 21 year old Blazers draftee has been impressing in the ACB League, currently averaging 11 points (shooting 63% from the field) and 4.5 rebounds in 18 minutes off the bench (1).

Which is why it was scary to see him collect a recent DNP. Some google searching turned up a brief mention of an injury, but no details on the type or severity.

So I did what anyone would do who discovered such an occurrence on Christmas, I posted up on the computer looking at Spanish websites and e-mailing people that might have some answers. Mark from Basketball 24/7 verified the injury:

Hi Jack

I'm not quite sure of the definition but it's a circulatory injury to his
foot which has caused an inflammation. According to El Mundo Deportivo,
having more tests but is expected to be out at least another week.


Rodman, who we share a bond with through a mutual appreciation of Taurean Green, also provided some information:

Si ha estado lesionado pero maƱana juega contra el Pamesa Valencia. (Translated)

Feliz Navidad.

Joel incurred a foot injury that kept him out a game. Given that it is possible (but not probable) that Freeland could play in the next game, it doesn't sound too serious. Investigative journalism!

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