Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blazers vs. Wizards, Pre-pregame

So can all this winning continue? In this five game win streak we have seen the Blazers be scary good and, just as importantly, seen them find ways to win when shots aren't falling for everyone. The Wizards are pretty bad, but supposedly have not been as bad since Ed Tapscott took over as coach.

I have been wanting to catch a peak at JaVale McGee, who has the kind of potential that keeps the interblogs sizzling. I'd be impressed if he accomplishes something against the likes of GregZilla.

On to the game links!

-15 Thoughts [Blaze of Love]
-Sheed's Shakedown [Bust a Bucket]
-Game 20 Preview [Blazers Edge]

And in case you are wondering about the gentleman crouching in front of the, he's from DC.

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