Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bah! Portland at Toronto, Sunday morning game sneak attack!

After that Boston drubbing, or "creaming" as the Oregonian called it, I managed my feelings by disconnecting myself from all consciousness. The next thing I remember after that "game" is waking up this morning and seeing that the Blazers were playing in Toronto. Also, the sky is still above us. Crazy.

This game has caught me off-guard, so in lieu of any game thoughts I thought we could all just enjoy how hilarious the Raptor's jerseys used to be:



Anonymous said...

This team should have been good. The talent that went through this jersey, Carter, young Damon Stoudamire, McGrady, Camby, Chauncey Billups ahh the good ol days, taking me back to NBA Live 97.


Jack Brown said...

...those guys weren't all on the Raps at the same time. But your comment sent my mind on quite a journey. I attended a Toronto Raptors pre-game practice at the Rose Garden in Junior High. There was a raptor big man making bets with the towel boy that he could dunk from the free throw line. He eventually dunked from a step inside the line and claimed its the same thing. I've had a roster list for that team in one window and scouring google images in another looking for a memory match for an hour. Nothing. So sad.

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