Friday, December 12, 2008

Weak Review: Darius Miles won't go away edition

What a week, I really should stop posting so much. Here are some DeceptivelyQuick highlights you may have missed:

- Petteri Koponen got the starting nod and his team won, TWICE (1 , 2).
- Channing Frye is a Blazer. Don't get used to that sentence.
- Mo Evans gets Wafer'd!
- When it comes to getting your mind right after getting Turkoglu'd(!), pain works.
- Blazers ranked in order of scoring consistency. I swear that someday, someone will appreciate this.
- While his scoring has not increased much over last season, Roy's consistency has blown up.
- How did I not write anything about Darius Miles trying out for the Clippers? I guess we should reread the ramifications.
- BONUS UPDATE: Bonzi Wells to play in China! Awesome!

That is it for me this week. Oh, check out Canzano saying "Yo," good stuff. The Clippers play at Portland tonight, mostly so everyone can boo Zach again and make themselves feel good. I won't be watching the game as I have an important appointment. Yes, I will be getting plowed at an open-bar Christmas party. To celebrate Jesus, I guess. Indeed. Peace!

Oh yeah! Random youtube of the week!

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