Thursday, November 6, 2008

Definitive outline of Darius Miles ramifications

I have written about Big Pun far more than I ever anticipated. Since being dismissed by the C's, we have heard very little of other franchises expressing interest in his services. This is good, but it is still early. Right now Miles could be attractive to a team as a low risk gamble. Any team that plays him 10 games would get the added bonus of making Portland's fiscal flexibility a little more tricky. Oh the drama.

Over at TrueHoop there is a definitive outline of how Miles playing and not playing will impact the Blazers. Check it out. I'm going to bookmark that sucker. It will come in handy, although I am saddened by a hypothetical scenario of how the Blazers could get $32 million under the cap if Miles doesn't play:

They could get as far as $32 million under if they renounce all free agents, Surrey U.K.'s Joel Freeland, Petteri Koponen, and trade their 2009 #1 draft pick.

Cutting The Finnagler loose would mean this blog would lose the support of Finland forever, which would be a terrible shame. We have ties to the Invisible Finnish Hand for crying out loud. And Joel? We love Mr. Freeland and respect his talent and work ethic. Plus he was the only Blazer related person ever to actually talk to us. For this he is eternally in the DeceptivelyQuick hall of fame, which doesn't exist but would have him in it if it did. Guaranteed. Stupid hypothetical situations, how you anger me.

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