Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blazers vs Bulls, catharsis

After a frustrating road loss to the Warriors, the Blazers were probably happy to be back in the Rose Garden. They decided to imbue the setting with the spirit of an old school boxing gym, and use the unsuspecting Chicago Bulls as punching bags. I can confidently say that any vestiges of frustration from the previous evening have been exercised. I could go through the trouble of an actual game recap, but there really is no point. Portland killed in every way you can imagine. It was a sublime experience of reality that got so pro-Blazer that history started to rewrite itself to reflect the mood; evidenced by the ESPN play-by-by announcer describing how Sergio Rodriguez actually decided not to play for the Spanish team in the Olympics. Works for me.

Usually blow-outs get hard to watch. Not this one, not after last night. I sat down and savored every moment of this victory. Now we have seen how this team can bounce back after a disappointing game. Equally interesting would be how they handle riding the peak of a dominant victory. We will find out soon enough.

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