Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Limited internet access gangster links post

Posting has taken so long today because my neighbors apparently no longer want to unknowingly share internet with me. Hey, its their loss, right? Right? Right.

Lack of internet forced me to load up the DeceptivelyQuickmobile and drive to a suburban business park where free wi-fi is not so endangered. Yeah, I'm that guy on his laptop in the parking lot right now. No more questions. Links!

-Game recap from last night [Blazers Blog]

-Michael Holton's gangster ballot [Bust a Bucket]

-Blaze of Love is to NBA Dancers what DeceptivelyQuick is to Finland [Blaze of Love]

-Zbo trade held up by Cat's health? [SLAM]

-Tuesday practice report [BlazersEdge]

-Henry Abbott has a question: Why do the Blazers shoot so bad when Oden is in the game? It seems to me that the offense still looks clumsy and unsure about what to do with Oden at times. They try to force things through him and give him a great deal of touches, even as he is still unsure about what to do with all of that. Things will (hopefully) get figured out. Something to keep an eye on. [TrueHoop]

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