Monday, November 17, 2008

They still like Jarrett Jack in Indy

Remember the days of Jarrett Jack? Towards the end of his Blazer run it was a little sad to see fans turn on him like they did. He did contribute in important ways (he was the only player who consistently drove to the hoop that wasn't named Roy last season, that was big), but he was never going to become the player the fans so desperately wanted him to be. And those jaw dropping turnovers created by his indecisiveness made scapegoating Jack all too easy. It surprised no one when he was traded.

But things are getting better for Jack. Just look how happy he looks. In Indy he is coming off the bench and not being depended upon as heavily to perform point guard duties. Much of the time he actually plays alongside the Indy point guards. Best of all, the fans seem to like him:

Jarrett Jack has played a huge role off the bench for the Pacers to start the season. While he doesn't start, he often finishes games and does it with excess effort and intensity.


I love Jack and the role he is playing for the Pacers. The key with Jack is to not dwell on what he isn't. He doesn't have the all-around point guard game, like T.J. Ford. If he did at his size, he'd be a perennial All-Star, making max money and certainly not coming off the Pacers' bench.


Nope, Jack is simply a player filling a need off the bench much like Marquis Daniels. A utility player willing to defend anyone on the court or make a play on offense. It may not be the prettiest basketball play you'll ever see but it will be done at full speed and more times than not, will bring you out of your seat applauding the effort.

That strikes me as an excellent interpretation of Jack. We could have used some of that perspective.

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