Thursday, November 13, 2008

NBA ballers should probably stop letting people record them losing to civilians

Every blog and their Mom will link to this, and should. Revealed (to me) by Skeets at BDL, the long-rumored to exist video of Jordan getting beat at a game of 1 on 1 by some random executive attending his camp for grown-ups:

I'll spare you my thoughts on grown men paying a ton of money to be pretend buddies with pro-athletes for the moment. This video is great. I like to imagine one of Jordan's kids showing him this on youtube. Knowing what we do about Jordan's competitive streak, I see him then angrily calling up John Rogers and demanding a rematch. Pretty awesome.

There has been such an amazing rash of these videos lately; first LeBron losing at horse, then Devin Harris falling for the Billy Hoyle. This one trumps them all. It would be fitting if this trend ends now, at its zenith. I imagine a lot of players would figure out that they have nothing to gain by being recorded playing basketball against average humans. Thankfully the competitive nature and boundless confidence of some, coupled with the world of youtube and cheap video recorders, will ensure that these videos will trickle out from time to time. Magical.

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