Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blazers vs Warriors, pre-pregame

I'm especially excited for tonight. So excited I may actually be able to tear myself away from this. Its always fun to watch a game of Nellie-ball. Coming into the season the Warriors were supposed to be an absolute disaster, especially without Monta, but they have been a competitive team so far. They are still buzzing about a certain undrafted rookie who dropped 37 points in his first start. (Hey NBA.com, it was a pretty impressive achievement, at least put a picture of the guy up on his player page.) Andris Biedrins is averaging about 17 points and 15 rebounds (damn!), Stephen Jackson is performing at an elite level, leading the league in minutes (43.4 per game!) and just got extended.

It will be interesting to see how the Blazers handle the novelty of Nellie. Get lathered up for the game by checking out 15 Thoughts at Blaze of Love.

I know at least one Blazer is happy to be in Oakland, an environment that not only accepts his hyphy but encourages it.

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