Friday, November 14, 2008

Akeem Scott: People's Champ, People's Champ, People's Champ

From H.T.'s last Akeem Scott update, we knew the People's Champ was doing good things with the Honka Playboys. Enjoy the latest scoop from H.T., Akeem Scott for MVP! People's Champ, People's Champ, People's Champ!


First I must say that it is my responsibility to congratulate for Deceptivelyquick's new banner. It is a work of art that is quite close to the visions of new age masters such as Francis Bacon and Richard Anuszkiewicz.

As you can see, Akeem Scott is still doing Akeem Scott things here in Finland. After almost one quarter of Finnish League regular season has been played, Honka Playboys has won 7 out of 10 games (including 5-0 at home), largely thanks to upgraded play by The Other Dream, who currently is averaging 22 points, 3,6 assists, 3,2 rebounds and 2,5 steals a game while draining 64,6 % of his 2pt shots and 82,8 % of his free throws. Akeem has also developed into a media favorite, something highly unusual for a basketball player in Finland, since sports news are filled with ice hockey, soccer and Formula 1 racing. Here you can see Akeem doing the things he does best and talking about his future:

Akeem Scott interview


Watch that video and adopt Akeem's free throw routine into your daily life. I copied his routine and now apply it to when I'm microwaving my pizza bagels.

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