Monday, November 24, 2008

Blazers vs Kings (again), Pre-pregame (blah)

President-elect Barack Obama formally announces his transition team.

The Kings are in town. Why are these two teams playing again so soon? Because it was so fun last Friday that the Universe demanded a rematch. Meh.

One would expect an especially motivated Kings team with those memories of home-court humiliation still so fresh. Pride can be inspiring. But who knows, maybe they really are that horrible.

Kevin Martin will probably sit out again. This helps Portland, but again, hurts my fantasy team. I humbly request you send positive thoughts. Check out the previews from Bust a Bucket and Blaze of Love.

And yes, I am very happy that this game gives me an excuse to again show this picture of Kings Center Spencer Hawes just existing in his Hawesiness. Don't Hastle the Hawes?

UPDATE: According to one tipster, Oden will be starting tonight. I haven't seen anything pop up online yet, but the source is bankable.


kellex said...

Agree with you on this one, so bored with playing the lowly Kings.

Although I will be there having my fair share of adult beverages.

Jack Brown said...

Enjoy! You can take some solace in knowing that you are seeing Oden's first home start. But yeah, alcohol is still probably a good idea.

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