Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Taurean Green Update: Learning his ACB's (See that? I'm clever.)

DeceptivelyQuick is kind of like the mafia. Or a gang. No, we don't kill people. No, we don't generate any kind of revenue. Actually it isn't really like those things at all, except in that once you're in, you are in forever. The only way out is in a box homie. It is quite the little Blazer club. Not that kind of Blazer club.

Taurean Green is a perfect example. He played a total of 44 minutes for the Blazers. But he was a favorite around these parts; thanks to his game, personality, and how tragically underappreciated it all was.

I refuse to accept that Taurean Green wasn't ready for the League. I instead prefer to believe that the League was not ready for Taurean Green. It was bittersweet to see him sign with Basket CAI Zaragoza. I was frustrated because him being overseas meant that his exploits would be considerably harder to follow. But since he would be playing for a team just as it returned to the elite ACB League in Spain, the situation had some romance; a scrappy underdog player to run a scrappy underdog team. At least he seemed to be getting some love over there (1 , 2).

I figured it would be a good time to check in. In his debut, Green apparently scored 18 points. Through six games, his team is staying alive with three wins and three losses. Looking at his stats, Green seems to be adjusting well. Keep in mind that the Euros are stingy with assists:


We'll check in on Green as his season progresses. I'm hating that I am limited to stats and highlights. If you have the ability to actually watch these games and want to tell Deceptively Quick how things are going, use your email devices. I may even give you an imaginary prize.


Rodman said...

Hola, Taurean Green esta disputando la titularidad en el puesto PG a Lucas Victoriano, entre los dos se reparten los minutos.

Es un poco pronto para decir esto pero despues de 6 partidos, mi impresion es que Green tiene buen tiro, pero no defiende bien y le cuesta organizar en ataque a sus compañeros.

Como digo es un poco pronto, es muy joven, no conocia la Liga ACB pero el club confia en el. Espero que mejore sus prestaciones.

Puedes ver resumenes de los partidos en la pagina oficial de la
Liga ACB

Su mejor partido fue contra el ex-equipo de Rudy Fernandez DKV Joventut el 27/9/2008.

Saludos desde Zaragoza

Jack Brown said...

Interesting! In the American-style game Green is considered good enough on defense to cause irritation to opposing point guards. He gets exploited due to his lack of size, but makes up for this somewhat with relentless pressure.

In Europe though, team defense becomes much more important. I'm guessing Green hasn't had much experience with gimmick defenses. Hopefully he can get it figured out and earn more minutes.

¡Interesante! En juego de estilo americano Green se considera bastante bueno en defensa causar la irritación a los armadores de oposición. Él consigue explotada debido a su carencia del tamaño, pero compensa esto algo con la presión implacable. En Europa sin embargo, la defensa de equipo llega a ser mucho más importante. I' m hasn' verde que conjetura; t tenía mucha experiencia con las gimmick defenses. Esperanzadamente él puede conseguirlo imaginado y ganar más minutos.

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