Friday, November 14, 2008

Blazers vs New Orleans Pre-pregame

Tough one at the Hive for Portland tonight. I can think of a few reasons why a win tonight would be especially impressive for the Blazers:
  • The Hornets are good
  • The Hornets just got humiliated by the Lakers and should be extra aggressive
  • The Blazers are three games into the road trip
  • Honeybees are distracting
Anyways, it should be fun to watch. CP3 is always a treasure to witness, and that Peja thing they do is cute. Przybilla and Chandler might continue that behavior where they demonstrate their distaste for each other with physical contact, which makes things interesting.

I may miss all of this, as I will be on my way to/doing things in Seattle. In fact I'm probably driving right now. The miracle of the internet.


Anonymous said...

Leaving for the wonders of Seattle and still blogging? Dedication, much DQ?

Jack Brown said...

Wonders of Seattle? I hope that was a joke.

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