Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Portland vs. Utah, CNN vs. The Sith

With that hugely historical election night behind us, we can bring our focus all the way back to the things that really matter, like early season NBA games. Finally. Actually, I want to share one thing with you from last night. I'm not sure who CNN has in charge of technology, but I'm pretty sure NASA needs to hire them. CNN could put a man on Endor. Seriously. And they use this amazing power in only the most useful ways possible. Whatever the costs to develop and use this stuff, I'm sure it was totally worth it. Seriously, it adds so much depth to their coverage.

Wow. That happened. Anyways, Portland at Utah tonight. Deron Williams will probably sit out with his bum ankle. Normally that would get me excited about Portland's chances, but the Jazz have been rolling people even without their top-tier point guard. Scary stuff. On the other hand, I have three members of the Utah Jazz on my fantasy team. Thats right, I play fantasy basketball. Make fun of me.

Something interesting to watch for will be how the Blazers respond to the physical style of Utah. This young team got muscled and intimidated by that style at times last season. Handling it well could be a good indicator of positive team development. Go Blazers! (And Carlos Boozer, Andrei Kirilenko, and Ronnie Brewer.)

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