Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ron Artest will not stand for your homophobia, oh wait, he actually agrees. But wants you to leave Oden alone. Yeah!

Get ready for the strangest Blazer-related entry of the season. It all started when rapper Stat Quo opened up an interview with with this gem:

I'm just wonderin when Greg Odens gonna come out the closet man.

And then interviewer laughed because never before had he heard such a clever zinger. But Stat Quo had even more comedic genius in store:

Come on man he got a fag swag man. He like the next John Amaechi man.

The podcast is here. Stat then goes on about this new trend he sees of men dressing more feminine, one that Oden is apparently participating in. He makes some remark about how our daddies didn't dress like that. So I guess Stat's dad dressed like this?

As always when Artest gets involved, it gets weirder. Apparently RonRon is an avid HoodHype podcast listener, and is not gonna let some marginally successful rapper speak of Oden like that. His webcam reply (assist to SLAM):

Artest has never had any trouble being an intriguing person. He can make you feel sad and disturbed one moment and have you rooting for him the next. Meh.

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