Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oden might play, please remain calm

When Oden went down against the Lakers it sent many Blazer fans through a rang of emotions. I know I went from frustrated, to filled with rage, to depressed, to optimistic, to cynical (where I remain).

I have been hoping the Blazers would not throw Oden directly into the fire when he came back. I know he is on the All-Star Ballot and all, but it would be nice if the Blazers resisted bowing to the hype, I thought. He looked slow and uncomfortable even before his injury in in Los Angeles. I figured it would be helpful to work him in slowly next time. Bring him off the bench for 15-20 minutes and see if he can get comfortable. Start him off in an otherwise uninteresting game that avoids the scrutiny of a national audience. Let him get his wind and his bearings out there. We are supposedly focused on the long-term, you know?

Well I'm an idiot apparently, because Oden may play against Miami tonight. On ESPN, of course.

In other news, Brandon Roy hurt his back and is questionable. Maybe I should add trainer Jay Jensen to the new logo. Its November, sit them both.


Yeah, Oden and Roy are both going to play. Think good thoughts.

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