Friday, November 7, 2008

Blazers vs. Rockets conclusion; dramatized narrative

So I have been geeking out on some fantasy-adventure novels recently. Yeah, I know. I need to stop. It appears to be influencing my blogging. Here's my recap of the game. Box score.

With just twenty seconds left in the battle, the young Trailblazers had fought the invading veteran horde from the City of Syrup to a draw. They had lost their significant advantage and darkness seemed upon them as the long, sleepy-eyed, battle-weary assassin probed their defenses for vulnerabilities. He rose and flung a medium range volley. A miss!

The ball was collected by they very man that was increasingly finding himself the scapegoat of all Rip City ills. An Outlaw, he was once worshiped by the masses. Recently he had discovered the mob enjoys tearing down the very ones they lift up. The fickle crowd had taken the adulation once heaped upon his shoulders and lavished it upon a younger warrior, newly arrived from a strange land. Now he was in trade rumors. But tonight they cheered him. With every one of his fourteen points and thirteen rebounds he hoped to recapture the flames that once burned for him. This particular story has yet to be decided, so we return to the battle at hand.

The clock now below ten seconds, he immediately gives the power to the squadron's mightiest worrier. Roy, the Everything, had performed below his standards throughout the battle. Yet as he glided down court with the orb, he knew none were more fit than he for the situation. With eight seconds remaining, he drove towards the goal.

He went right, which was never his preference despite being right-handed. His shoes were crappy, and he was being smothered by the mountain of defense known only as Ron-Ron. He had also attracted the attention of another defensive heathen. He quickly spun away from the pressure. The move sent one Rocket tumbling towards the Earth, and Ron-Ron himself stumbled to remain upright. Seeing the newly created opening, Roy elevated to launch a medium-range attack. It was a shot that he had struggled with all night. This time, it sailed through the goal perfectly. The rabid crowd that was jammed into the arena screamed in celebration of their heroes. Just one second remained, and the young Blazers lead by two.

But the veteran invaders were not done. While the masses screamed, they regrouped and hatched a scheme of their own. They wished to steal the glory of this battle for themselves. They would turn to their tallest warrior, one not from this land that was once regarded as a mere curiosity. He was now known for the deadliness of his great length. Although he had struggled tonight, this impacted him little as he remained ever confident in his skills.

He posted up and the power was easily inbounded to him. He went immediately to his turn around fading attack. This was a favorite move of his, one considered unusual for a man of his great size, but that mattered little at this moment. The orb sailed beautifully along it's arc and through the goal. The referee blew his whistle to indicate that the damage was not done. Roy had unfairly damaged the longest warrior during his attack. The Rockets would receive a charity opportunity, and capitalize.

The red invaders cackled and celebrated as only hyenas can. The crowd stood in silent disbelief. Victory had indeed been stolen from them. With less than one second remaining, the young Blazers regrouped with desperation on their faces. Not surprisingly, they would turn towards their Everything once again.

The referee handed the ball to the Blazer to inbound. Roy moved with all of his fleetness towards the passer. A look of excitement came over his face, for the sleepy-eyed one defending him had made a lapse and now lagged behind. Roy received the orb a great distance from the goal and with no time to think. With all his might his exploded into the air and launched a long-distance attack at the goal. The power soared high into the air. It landed perfectly through the net. The crowd let out their largest scream of the night, raising their arms in victory. Roy's teammates smothered him with their bodies to show appreciation for his heroics. Yes, this was going to be a good season.

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