Monday, November 24, 2008

Reading Shaq's Twitter has not yet gotten old

I admit I was probably a little too excited when news broke that Shaq was twittering away. Even worse, I have yet to get over it. It is all too perfect. Shaq and Twitter really are the true power couple of the NBA. Shaq is more than a simple basketball player. He, like the Onion, has many layers. Or like a tetrahedron, has many sides. You see. Just a sample:

Shaq quote "treat people as u expect them to be, not how u think they are"
Did anyone hear about da guy on da web dat commited suicide, my prayers go out to his family
Last nite i told greg oden , "we r not the same, i am a martian"
Did mrs clinton really take da job
Just fed 1200 peopl , bout to go feed 1,000 more, thanks mom and dad 4 raisn me right
On my way 2 da arena. I feel like the main charachter n da movie 300
Subway it is turkey n cheese um um um lol
Why is steve francis sittn on the houston rocket bench Thingsdat make u go ummmm

I love technology.

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