Monday, October 20, 2008

Meanwhile, back in Finland

You didn't actually think that just because Petteri Koponen was now working in Italy that we would forget about the Honka Playboys, did you? Never! DeceptivelyQuick has too much love for Akeem Scott and the rest of the squad to let that happen. H.T. provides an update on the goings on of our favorite Finnish endeavor...

Meanwhile in Finland, your beloved Honka Playboys has started the
2008/2009 campaign by winning two first games and losing the third.
Even though Honka has lost Koponen, the team still has ultimately best
starting five in Finnish League with Finnish national team forwards
Kimmo Muurinen and Jukka Matinen joining the American trio of Akeem
Scott, Monte Cummings and Ben Perkins. The Achilles heel of this team
is its bench, sporting the average age of whopping 18,5 years. There
is some major talent brewing in Honka's bench - even for international
leagues - but it will take a few years before those guys are ready to
make serious noise.

The main point of the team has been Deceptivelyquick's main man, Akeem
"The Other Dream" Scott, who returned to Finland declining an offer
from Ukrainian Superleague so that he could become a true floor
leader. For the opening rounds of Finnish League, Scott played
effective freestyle offense, but in Honka's last game - Finnish Cup
quarterfinal against last season's finals opponent, Kouvot - Scott
settled into a true point guard's role, making the ball move with ease
and creating shots for his teammates. Akeem finished with 15 points, 5
rebounds, 4 assists and 4 steals in Honka's 83-69 (35-34) victory and
showed the league audience he really could become a starting PG in big
money European leagues one day.

Akeem's stat line after first three rounds of of Finnish League:
MIN: 38,3
PTS: 26,3 (league leader)
REB: 3,3
AST: 2,7
ST: 2,7 (4th in league)
TO: 2,7
2PT FG: .759% (2nd in league)
FT: .909% (7th in league)

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