Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ricky Davis gives monetary rewards for dunking on Oden; will always have my love

I very much enjoyed the infamous attempt at faking a triple-double perpetrated by Ricky Davis. Then he called the Blazers a "pack of roaches" and I fell in love. I am a Blazer fan, but I appreciate comedy, and that particular comment was hilarious. The next time Ricky Buckets came through town a friend and I started a solid booing effort in the Rose Garden whenever he touched the ball. He responded by jacking up a shot every time he touched the ball. KG was on fire, but Ricky was proving a point. With every make he'd leave his follow through up for about twenty seconds. He mostly missed. Sometimes it feels like the man exists solely for my own personal entertainment.

Take his recent comments about offering his teammates $500 for dunking on Greg Oden:

News that Kevin Martin won a $1,000 bet with Mikki Moore for being the first to dunk on Greg Oden must have spread like wildfire through the League. Before last night’s game with the Blazers, the Clippers’ locker room was buzzing as Ricky Davis issued a $500 bounty to Eric Gordon, DeAndre Jordan, and Al Thornton if one of them could crown G.O.

Though DeAndre Jordan tried to up the pricetag from five bills to five K, to which Ricky told him “Get off the bus, rook,” nobody was able to get up and over Oden for a dunk.

Firstly, the extent to which Kevin Martin dunked on Oden has been greatly exaggerated. Whatever, this is still hilarious. Come on Ricky, $500?! Mikki Moore offered up $1,000 and he has fresh D-League memories. Vintage. Ricky. Buckets. Awesome. Get off the bus, rook!

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