Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shavlik Randolph, Portland Trailblazer

Yes, Luke Jackson and Steven Hill have both been waived, leaving the final roster spot to none other than Shavlik Randolph. This was a bit of a surprise. Conventional Rip City logic suggested Hill would take the spot and buffer Oden and the Vanilla Gorilla from killing each other in practice. He would have also fit nicely as a third big seven footer to clog the lane in the event that GO or 'Billa went down to injury. So much for that.

Congratulations to Randolph. He was the only hopeful to really accomplish anything of note in the preseason. (Although really he only did it once.)

Back in his rookie season with Philly, Randolph was getting praise before his injury. He was probably the best basketball player of the Blazer unguaranteeds. Personal merit won the day over team need, which is a bit unusual as far as final roster spot decisions go.

Randolph now stands in line behind LaMarcus, Frye, and Diogu. Four power forwards? Seems like our friend Kevin Pritchard is up to something.

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