Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Why did you not tell me the Portland Chinooks were back?!?!?

The Portland Chinooks of the IBL had a special place in my heart, this is documented (1 , 2). The last I heard of them was that they were folding, never to return to bless us with the divinely novel experience that is an IBL game. After a period of mourning, I slowly moved on with my life.

Oopsies. They finished their 2008 season last June. The great God Shammgod is still on the team. Nobody told me. I will be crying the rest of the day. Then I might beat up a puppy or two. Portland Chinooks, please come back for 2009, and please keep Shammgod. I will be there.

(This startling revelation came about from seeing this post on Deadspin this morning.)

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