Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blazers opening night, I am filled with enthusiasm

I have been restless all day counting down until the Blazers game on TNT. Today is taking forever. Either my anticipation is making time seem to pass slowly or I am nearing the edge of a black hole and time is actually slowing down around me. Tough to tell.

I sense that we are in the same boat. If you want something to get lost in until tip off I recommend reading FreeDarko's preview of every game. Here are my favorite Blazer related tidbits:

Oct 28 Portland @ L.A. Lakers. Greg Oden and Rudy Fernandez have a sword fight for rookie of the year honors.

Nov 01 Portland @ Phoenix. Sergio Rodriguez and Rudy Fernandez constantly get confused with each other.

Jan 02 New Orleans@Portland: Chris Paul asks to address the crowd before the game to deny a report in The Oregonian which states he has demanded to be traded to the Blazers, and says that he is perfectly happy in New Orleans and he wishes everyone -- including those in Portland -- would be happy for him. He then breaks down into tears. When Joel Pryzbilla walks over to console him, Tyson Chandler rushes in to punch Pryzbilla in the nose. In a blog post the next morning, Channing Frye vows revenge.

Jan 12 Portland@Chicago: Martell Webster just realized Jarrett Jack got traded when Ike Diogu asked to borrow a dollar for the vending machine.

Jan 24 Washington@Portland: As the game slips into the fourth overtime, Eddie Jordan jokes to Nate McMillan that they should settle it one-on-one. McMillan agrees and rips off his slacks, revealing a pair of official Blazers shorts. Jordan laughs uncomfortably and walks away.

Feb 24 Portland @ Houston - Yao gives Oden his old joke books.

Feb 22 L.A. Clippers @ Portland - Angry that he wasn't traded, Travis Outlaw lets Paul Allen know that he's a Mac.

Apr 03 Portland@Oklahoma City: Want to know something cool? Raef LaFrentz and I (Recluse) have the exact same birthday. Want to know something even cooler than that? Raef is "fear" spelled backwards.
Excellent as always. And the book looks like its gonna be bananas.

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