Monday, October 20, 2008

Darius Miles waived, donks vanishing into the sunset

This morning I flipped on ESPN just as the NBA crawl began. The first bit of news to scroll across the screen was that Darius Miles had been released by the Boston Celtics. As a Blazer fan, of course I appreciate that this means the contract of D.Miles will not go back on the Blazer's books. There is also a petty side of my person where residue from the frustration that was the Darius in Portland Experience lives. This side of me smiles when it hears news of this sort.

But really, Miles was well known to be an underachieving malcontent when Paul Allen agreed to pay him that fat contract. Maybe it was Rip City that was out of line for expecting 48 million dollars and 48 million expectations to change this man.

I have had quite a bit of fun at the expense of Mr. Miles. It has been therapeutic. I know him being out of the league helps the Blazers and tickles my pettiness, but there is a sliver of me that is still captivated by the Darius Miles story. I was intrigued by the idea of him coming off the bench for the Boston Celtics. I will eagerly be checking HoopsHype to see if another team takes a low cost/low risk gamble on signing Darius. If nobody in the League bites, I'm sure there are some European clubs that would be interested. Look out, Qyntel.


Anonymous said...

You should eagerly check each day. Their rumors page is just as big, definitely better, with more intelligent selection of what's posted. InsideHoops has hundreds of thousands of regular readers. Keep up your great blog!

Jack Brown said...

You are certainly earning your pay.

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