Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Not Another Season Preview! 2008 Trailblazers

If there is one thing that the internet does not need at this time of the year it is more team previews. This is precisely why I have written two more, on the same exact team. I'm a big fan of saturation. Anyways, team previews generally suck because they are often wrong. Remember, at the beginning of last season the Bulls were supposed to be contending for the Eastern Conference and the Hornets were supposed to just miss the playoff cut.

Which leads to another reason for writing two team previews on the same squad. One is written with pessimism in mind, the other with optimism. Read whichever one works for you, or both. If I'm as good at these things as most others, they will both be wrong.

The Pessimist's Guide to the 2008-09 Blazers

The Optimist's Guide to the 2008-09 Blazers

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