Monday, October 27, 2008

Get your hope here, Oden style

Multiple times I've touched on the rising Blazer fandom in Portland. What I haven't discussed is the rising fandom of the Obama variety. You know all those Obama t-shirts you can buy in your city? In Portland you can buy Obama socks. In Portland, you walk into an internet cafe and notice they are displaying an Obama art exhibit consisting of about thirty original Obama pieces by local artists. One Obama sign in the yard of your home really isn't enough here, if you want to stand out you better get seven to nine of those bad boys.

Which is one reason that these Obama inspired Oden logos are so perfect. Oden fits the familiar Obama rhetoric of change and hope pretty nicely too, especially in the eyes of Rip City. So enjoy these works sent to me by James Kurhaus. Use them how you see fit.

(G)Obama. Nod to SLAM for the Oden cover.

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