Monday, December 22, 2008

Shaq took the loss at Portland pretty hard

That is, if you believe that a man's twitter is an accurate reflection of his emotions, which I do. I happen to believe that Twitter is unique in it's ability to capture the true essence of the human soul.


You are aware that Shaq posted a pregame twitter from the Rose City. But unless you have as pathetic a life as me, which leads you to check Diesel's twitter on a daily basis and be thoroughly entertained, you may have missed his other P-town posts. Shaq seemed to take this loss a little harder than usual. It should be noted that he performed admirably both statistically (19 and 9) and in embarrassing hyped young'n Greg Oden (coughcoughcough). Apparently Shaq was more interested in the win after all:

Gave a way anova game, geez im pissed agggggggggh dats a yell 11:05 PM Dec 18th from txt

Its co sold in porltand i catn even tpye srtaight 5:30 PM Dec 18th from txt

Thanks for giving Portland the game, it was much appreciated. Just more evidence of Shaq getting into the holiday spirit. At least now we know why Shaq struggles with coherence at times, ARTIC BLAST '08: COLD TEMPERATURES FOR REALZ!!!!1! The damage of this weather knows no bounds.

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