Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Consistent Stat is NOT dead!

Only the hardcore among you will remember the Consistent Stat from last December. After having a bit of a caffeine overdose too late at night I decided now would be a good time to calculate the numbers on the 2008 Blazers.

Briefly, the Consistency Stat is produced by dividing the players PPG by the standard deviation of their scoring. This produces a number that reflects how the player's scoring deviates relative to how many points they average. It gives us an idea of how consistently they score their points. For a more in depth explanation/justification, and a peak at last season's numbers through December, take the above link.

Below, in order of most consistent to least, is how the Blazers are looking through 12/10/2008:

(PPGcr = Points Per Game consistency rating.)

Brandon Roy
PPGcr= 3.83

Travis Outlaw
PPGcr= 2.67

LaMarcus Aldridge
PPGcr= 2.62

Steve Blake
PPGcr= 1.98

Joel Przybilla and Rudy Fernandez
PPGcr= 1.86

Channing Fry
PPGcr= 1.53

Greg Oden
PPGcr= 1.32

Nicolas Batum
PPGcr = 1.23

Sergio Rodriguez
PPGcr = 1.12

Interpretations to follow.


goonerluke said...

I remember!

What's the deal with the comments from the 07 consistency post being in chinese characters???

Jack Brown said...

I guessed some sort of ad-bot thingie. Or maybe the consistency stat is just huge in China.

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