Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Portland Trailblazers Painfest: A Festival of PAIN

The Blazers suffered a heartbreaking loss this week, no doubt. (They got Turkoglu'd!) But truthfully the outcry of suffering in Rip City has seemed a tad extreme. Perhaps we are becoming a little too accustomed to things going our way. Spoiled whiny fans are no fun, and I can't bear to see us become something so loathsome. So for your own good, I present you with an opportunity to relive some real Blazer pain. I do it because I care.

Item I:
Jordan killing the Blazers in the 1992 Finals, and in the process doing the infamous Man I am Awesome shrug. This gesture made while murdering the sainted early 90's Blazers has become NBA lore:

Item II:
Portland at Los Angeles, 2000 Western Conference Finals, Game 7. The winner gets to go crush the Indiana Pacers and win the championship. Portland builds a 15 point second half lead. Lakers fans booing their own team. Damon Stoudamire with cornrows. The game was in the bag. You know the rest:

Item III:
Portland at San Antonio, 1999 Western Conference Finals, Game 2. At one point in this game the Blazers were up 18 points. With 12 seconds left they were up just two points, but had lead the entire game. Then Sean Elliot happened. The Spurs rode the momentum all the way to Championtown, beating the crap out of that 8-seed Knicks team in the Finals. Some call it the 'Memorial Day Miracle,' but really it was the Memorial Day Bullshit shot of the century.

Item IV:

(Zach's house is still available for purchase if you're looking for some new digs. If you want a your own copy of this Cribs episode, the Portland Police still may have some available.)

Remember all of that? Real sports pain. You're welcome.

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