Friday, December 5, 2008

Portland vs Boston Recap; I don't wanna talk about it

This game was a sobering reminder. For all their winning ways the Blazers can still be reduced to playing like one would expect the second youngest team in the league should. They are not yet an elite team contending for a title. Boston is.


My soul hurts.


goonerluke said...

so much one can bitch about after this.

i liked how after Roy got hurt in the first half and had to be subbed, the replay shows a clear and deliberate undercut from kg. of course, once it is clear that it was just kg being his dirty self nobody mentions the undercut and never again is the replay shown. i HATE kg.

wtf was that channing frye? he is half-man/half-marshmallow soft. i'm pretty certain that shav > diogu, but now i'm wondering if shav > frye. obviously you can't put either behind shav in the rotation without cutting their perceived trade value in half...

greg oden isn't missing dunks, greg oden is getting hacked and the refs are swallowing their whistles almost everytime. i think what the team and the fans really need is for greg to emote. it's okay to feel greg, let it out man. just don't let it out big baby style.

speaking of big baby, it's nice to see that however much we hate kg, some of his own teammates hate him much, much more.

my favorite part of last night's debacle was watching brandon and paul "i throw up gang signs during games" pierce (he later had to call off the hit on al horford... or has he?) talk trash up and down the court. i wouldn't mind seeing some more of that poetry flow forth from brandon's lips.

i hope the celtics fans soak this up right now, because they are 1-2 seasons away from another 10 year rebuilding project with Ainge at the helm. thanks again for Brandon Roy, Danny.

toronto got embarrassed on national tv last night too, so sunday should be interesting.

Jack Brown said...

Nicely done, I think. I've blocked most of that game from my memory so will take your word that these things happened.

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