Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Suns sign Brown, ruin Christmas

You may not have known because it got so few pixels, but I was mildly excited by the idea of Damon Stoudamire trying out for the Phoenix Suns. I was somewhat of a Stoudamire fan throughout the years, but I was moved to full-out rooting for the guy after I heard him booed upon his first return to the Rose Garden after leaving the Blazers. Seriously people, I know he got caught with weed a few times and that makes you mad. So lets all boo the hell out of him. Even though the team won a whole lot of games when he was at the helm. Even though he is one of a very few people actually from Portland to make the League. Even though he has done some very good things for the community. Boo this man!

Nothing like a quick mini-rant on Christmas Eve. Anyways, my dreams of seeing Damon come off the bench for the Suns are now destroyed as Phoenix has signed Dee Brown to the spot. Since the Suns are in desperate need of a steady vet to keep things rolling when Nash is laying off to the side of the court wrapped up in towels, I thought Damon had a great shot. But it didn't happen, and now Damon is back to his day job as Director of Player Development for the Rice Owls. Of course.

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