Monday, December 8, 2008

Goonerluke random thought 12/8

Whatever you may think of this blog, you have to respect my lazy. Goonerluke sent in a post and I used it twice. Double posting things written by other people, this is how I operate. So you can imagine my excitement when Goonerluke sent something fresh in. Enjoy it while you can, because soon I will have sucked all the life out of it.

I present you with the random Goonerluke Blazer thought of the day. Check tomorrow for...tomorrow's.

I’m beginning to think that Shavlik Randolph only made the team because Nate McMillan is eager to impart his GQness to the rest of the team (its always been Nate’s dream to have his entire line-up flank him on a GQ fold-out cover). The fact that Steve Hill kept rolling into the practice center shirtless and in overalls didn’t help.

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