Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blazers get Turkoglu'd!

I had no intention of being prophetic when I attached the above picture to the Pre-pregame earlier today. But it happened, yes, Portland became the latest team to get Turkoglu'd.

An exciting contest tonight, all the way up until the last minute and a half or so. The Blazers ruined a night that saw electric play from Roy, Aldridge, Rudy, and Przybilla when they suddenly became baffled by a double-team-Roy defense that they see pretty much every game.


Side note:

Apparently Rudy Fernandez is determined to create a highlight reel featuring him embarassing Dwight Howard over and over again.

Outlaw take responsibility for apparently forgetting the play they were supposed to run during that horrible last possession that ended with Roy jacking up a desperation three from the corner. Trade Outlaw advocates, add this to the list.

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