Monday, December 15, 2008

Petteri Koponen Watch: Don't pay attention to this post

My best Finnish friend in the world, H.T., has decided to bless us with another Petteri Koponen update:

Saturday night: Start, 16min, 2pts (FG 1-3), 5 rebounds. Petteri didn't see more than three minutes of action in the second half. Virtus lost to Eldo Caserta 78-68 (35-38), their first loss under new head coach Matteo Bonicinolli.

Virtus turned the ball over smashing 29 times. Earl Boykins had 10 turnovers, Sharrod Ford had six and Keith Langford five. Petteri had no turnovers.

Virtus is in the second place of Italian Serie A with seven wins in ten games.


That sounds sort of depressing. The good news is that it seems that the wheels came off when Koponen was riding the bench. Take that, Coach.

This game could be a good indicator of how tenuous a grip Petteri really has on the starting role and decent minutes. Although it seems not to be his fault, this is a League notoriously unforgiving of young talent. Will one loss mean it is back to the bench with our fair Finnagler? It is worth reminding Coach Bonicinolli that the team is still 2-1 with Koponen starting, and 2-0 when he starts and gets over sixteen minutes of burn. Here's hoping that Petteri avoids becoming the scapegoat and continues happily along the path to Portland Trailblazerdom.

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