Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nuggets at Portland, Pre-pregame

Frustrated about the Blazers inability to beat a Melo-less Nuggets squad last night? Good news! They play the exact same team tonight, except this time in Portland. Whoopee!

Given that Denver is a Northwest Division team, which makes total sense, these games do have the added bonus of potential playoff implications. And considering Portland is competing with eight legitimate veteran playoff teams for a post-season spot (Oh Hollinger, how I want to believe!), they might want to win tonight. Seriously.

Who would bother writing a preview for the same opponent the team played last night? People that are less lazy than I am. On to the pre-pregame links!

- Sheed's Shakedown (Bust a Bucket)
- My neighbor will probably have 15 Thoughts up at some point (Blaze of Love)
- Blazers vs. Nuggets in Links. Technically from the first game, but I needed to include another link. (Oregonlive)

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