Thursday, December 4, 2008

Other blogs are interested in Taurean Green too?

I'm going to go ahead and claim that no other source has written more about Taurean Green since the 2007 draft than DeceptivelyQuick. I mean, 21 posts are tagged with his name.

Updates on his Euro stats are not only given on the regular, but we get first hand accounts from a knowledgeable CAI blogger in Spain. Where else could you learn that Green, noted stateside for his pesky on the ball defense, was struggling to adjust to the team oriented defenses of the ACB? Where else could you hear his potential described as "1989 Mookie Blaylock"?

I always figured the rest of the interblogs were indifferent towards the man. In a way it made my intrigue towards Green increase exponentially, like I was seeing a light across the cold space of the basketball universe that few others cared to appreciate.

I may have been wrong.

DeceptivelyQuick reader Brrrrrrrrrr! tipped me off that Green made an apperance on TrueHoop this week. Although buried in the bullets, it still struck me as interesting that a major blog considered Taurean Green pixel worthy. (TrueHoop linked to this post at Pickaxe and Roll.)

All I can say is the more on the Taurean Green bandwagon, the merrier. There are still plenty of seats available. Think about jumping aboard, we have cocoa.

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